Fleksibilan sistem za upravljanje dokumentacijom koji prati životni ciklus sadržaja.


eDoc is a system to create, manage and view files directly within Odoo.

Key Features


File and Folder Structure

Organize your files in easy-to-create structures

Preview Files

Preview a variety of fire types

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop files directly nto the form

All in One Documents View

A single view to manage the data

Individual Settings

Configure different settings for your structures

Extendable with many Features

The system can be extended by many more features

All in One Documents View

All in one view to easily manage all your documents. Provides a context menu and a preview to speed up your work.The view allows to move existing files and folders as well as to create new ones. Furthermore, files can be previewed directly in the view. 

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Software image and text block

Drag and Drop Support

The All-in-One view supports drag and drop. Both individual files and entire folder structures can be inserted directly into the view. This makes it easy to transfer existing structures on your system to document management systems.

Folder View (Kanban/List/Form)

The standard Odoo views, Kanban, List and Form are implemented for the folders. The Kanban View can be used to directly display the subfolders or files of a particular folder. 

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Request a presentation

If you would like to see the demo please let us know.