About Us

We are a dynamic company fully dedicated to the creation of new

values to the satisfaction of our clients.

Company Profile

IRVAS International Ltd. is a software SME offering services and solutions in the field of Content management, ERP, and custom development. The company has a strong technical background in Internet/Intranet, n-tier client/server and system integration.

IRVAS has a qualified team which is highly experienced in Odoo development, installation, customization and optimazation.

We customize the standard Odoo modules and also build custom modules from scratch.

IRVAS has been working on the development and implementation of the DITA-based content authoring solution for formal and informal education purposes. The solution includes the usage of DITA eLearning specialization for the creation of a pool of reusable learning objects in collaborative web environment.


IRVAS supports a range of mainstream technology platforms that are most suitable for today’s enterprise and public internet systems, such as: DITA, SCORM, ePub, J2EE, ZK Framework (Ajax MVC and MVVM framework), REST, CMIS, JSON, Lucene, BPMN2.0, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSL/XSLT, SQL, Python, PHP...


At the Regional Chamber of Commerce assembly, IRVAS received a diploma as one of the most successful companies in the ICT sector. 

Among the best ones

Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe listed IRVAS among 17 ICT companies from Serbia which offer prospects for growth and development on international markets.

Award at the Novi Sad fair

At the second international trade fair in Novi Sad, IRVAS International was awarded a diploma with a gold medal for the  ProdamSam - real estate web portal.