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Agency for Local Economic Growth (ALER)
Software solution for managing register of companies within the Joint UN programme in South Serbia - Pbild (Peace building and Inclusive Local Development). The registry contains a list of companies and contacts in these companies, with the option of advanced search and communication with contacts via email and SMS.
Technologies: Odoo
Elegra d.o.o.
Elegra is a distributor of audio/video equipment wanting to migrate the existing Magento website, and to improve the existing sales process by integrating sales leads, online shop offer, invoicing and delivery.

IRVAS proposed the Odoo e-commerce module aligned with CRM, sales, inventory and delivery modules. The existing data was migrated and new product attributes were added. Furthermore, the security of the online store was enhanced, and the management of the whole sale process - from leads, to invoice and delivery was improved too.

Technologies: Odoo
The goal of the project was to establish part-time (PT) and short-cycle higher education (SCHE) studies in Serbia according to the legal framework defined and proposed by the project and supported by PT&SCHE portal with open and shared education resources.

IRVAS developed an e-learning platform for online PT&SCHE within the project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Technologies: Odoo
Hotel Ambasador
Hotel Ambassador, a 5-star hotel from the city of Nis, wanted to integrate 3 separate systems a typical hotel uses, at affordable price:
- a system for guests reservation and check-in/check-out,
- smart room management (cooling, heating, access control),
- standard ERP.

As the solution IRVAS proposed standard Odoo CRM, Sales, Invoicing. Furthermore, some additional custom modules were developed, and integration with various IoT devices was made. Hotel Ambassador now has a web-based application at its reception desk and a possibility to directly manage:
- Reservation
- Check in / check out process
- Housekeeping

Technologies: Odoo
Jovic Bus
Website for a company that is engaged in transportation of passengers in domestic and international traffic. Passengers have the option of online booking of bus tickets.
Technologies: Odoo
Ministarstvo prosvete, nauke i tehnološkog razvoja
Development of a software system for Monitoring the life cycle of projects financed by the Ministry of Science. Internal web sites for recording different information about scientific projects, researches and financial data. The application also provides a way of gathering annual and other reports from projects.
Technologies: Java, PHP, MySQL
NALED-National Alliance for Local Economic Development
Development of the database software for the West-Bačka District, Serbia (Municipality of Odžaci and Municipality of Kula) – Croatia-Serbia crossborder cooperation, IPA-GC2012/297-153-TL/05-13
Technologies: Odoo
Ni-CAT cluster
Multilingual portal for the Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies (, Intranet and Extranet, enables members to create a mini web page of their companies, to collaborate, to upload and download internal documents, to subscribe for the newsletter, etc.

Technologies: Odoo
Niš-ekspres AD Niš
Nis-Express is one of the largest passenger transport companies in Serbia. IRVAS proposed Odoo ERP as the platform for the implementation for all business processes, replacing the existing system and isolated legacy apps.

For about 80% of the expected functionalities IRVAS designed and developed new Odoo modules, such as fleet records and monitoring of vital parameters of buses, traffic planning and service reparation.

The implemented modules also include: sales, procurement, warehousing, accounting, tourism, vehicle maintenance, planning and monitoring the realization of bus departures.

Technologies: Odoo
Ophthalmology Clinic "MAJA"
The project includes an information system for patients, a public website, and business management software based on Odoo platform.

Technologies: Odoo
ProdamSam is a regional web provider of real estate and related services advertising. The goal of the project is to empower individual owners, developers, and brokers to buy and sell properties on their own, and to enable providers of real estate related services post information on their business. The result is a multilingual website (13 languages) containing information on real estate and related services from 15 European countries. Registered users can post their property listings by filling out predefined forms, web portal visitors can search listings and contact property owners.
Technologies: Joomla CMS
Regionalna razvojna agencija JUG
Info portal of the Free Zone Pirot - The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme CCI No 2007CB16IPO006 -2011-2-238.
Technologies: Joomla CMS, PHP
Turistička organizacija Niš
Development of the informatIon content, free application and a common web portal for the project is co-financed by the EUROPEAN UNION through the Bulgaria - Serbia IPA Crossborder programme. Managment of Tourist Destinations Sofia - Nis, No. 2007CB16IPO006-2011-2-255.
Technologies: Joomla CMS, PHP
UNO-LUX NS d.o.o.
Uno-Lux NS uses our Odoo-based eBiz CRM and Project Management to improve sales and provide more efficient management of the development of new projects.

Technologies: Odoo